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Q: I have only just started at the gym and am not fit, what happens if I can’t make it through a whole class?
A: All of our Group Fitness classes offer a level 1 (beginner), 2 (intermediate) or 3 (advanced) option so when you are in the class we recommend that you stay at a pace that suits your fitness level.

Q: Can I do the Group Fitness classes when I am pregnant?
A: Yes you can definitely do the classes when you’re pregnant. The further along you are the easier option you should choose as you do not want to raise your heart rate too high and put undue stress on your baby.

Q: Will the instructor help me when I attend a class?
A: Yes they certainly will. The instructors will help you with technique, weight selection and level options.


Q: I’m worried if I do heavy weights I’ll bulk up too much.
A: Building muscle is tough for a female to achieve due to hormone differences between men and women, it takes a reasonable amount of time and really hard work to develop bulky muscles. Lifting weights is very beneficial for women as not only does it shape and tone, but it burns a huge amount of fat while also increasing bone density.

Q: I want to get fit real fast!
A: Obviously, Personal Training is the best option when you have a specific goal, particularly if you have limited time. Alternatively, we recommend a combination of classes and cardio equipment, gradually building both intensity and duration.

When we first started Learn To Swim at 360 Fitness Club my daughter was very afraid of the water, her instructor was fantastic. 360 has helped my daughter to learn that the water wasn’t scary and now she loves swimming. THANK- YOU 360!

Q: I want to start going to the gym, but I have back and/or knee injuries.
A: Regular Personal Training is the safest option. However, we can work with any physician who treated you to develop a program that is not only going to help you get fit and healthy, but may also help you recover from your injury. You also may be interested in more specialist support from our Health Clinic.

Q: I’d like to get out and start doing some good weights sessions, but feel really embarrassed about going out there.
A: Everyone feels nervous when they start at a new gym, but you’ll find there’s plenty of support at 360. Our fully-qualified Personal Trainers can construct a personalised program that is designed to achieve your specific goals, and they will run through the entire program with you so you understand how to use every piece of equipment. Once you know how to use everything and what weight you should be lifting, you’ll find you’ll have a whole new confidence to pump weights, no matter who’s around. Besides that, our members are fantastic, they’re extremely friendly and love to have a chat!

Q: I’ve done gym memberships before and never really achieved anything.
A: Personal training is a fantastic option when joining our gym. We have several experienced and qualified trainers who all use very different training strategies. You can choose a trainer that you get along with, that will train you individually and work with you on the “big picture”. They will help you construct your week, working out what you need to be doing and when. Having someone to answer to who will monitor your progress makes a huge difference, and can help you to achieve your goals more quickly.

Read our FAQ's for more information about 360 Fitness Clubs.

I attended the 'Womens Weights' information session and I know for myself it increased my knowledge of resistance training and will allow me to maxminise my workouts using the different equipment. Thanks, Karina.