Group Fitness Classes

What’s your workout style?

Fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. Everyone approaches their workout with a unique attitude, and only you know what works best with your personality. However, we understand the power of working out in a group setting – group fitness is all about team building, along with the benefit of having instruction from a well-trained and enthusiastic teacher.

That’s why we offer nearly 80 classes a week spanning a variety of exercise styles. Whether you prefer pumping iron, dancing to a beat, or enhancing your core, we’ve got you covered. With four Group Fitness Studios, including one dedicated solely to cycling, and up to four classes running at any given time, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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High-energy group classes

Do you crave a workout that leaves you breathless? We have a number of classes that will keep your heart rate up from start to finish. BodyPump in Tamworth involves a full-body workout using weights, BodyStep is a classic aerobics class using platforms, while BodyAttack is a fun and intense cardio experience. We also offer RPM and Spin classes in Tamworth if that’s more your speed.

Combat fitness

Feel like picking up a few combat skills and working out some frustrations while you get fit? We’ve got a few options at our Tamworth gym location. BodyCombat combines street-fighting skills with a high-intensity workout. For something a bit more classic, try out one of our Boxing courses.

Relax and focus on your core

You can use your time at the gym to improve your whole body – the key is focusing on your core. Our Yoga courses will help increase your flexibility and posture while bringing calm to your everyday routine. CXWorx and Pilates focus on enhancing your core, which can improve your workout experience overall. Like Yoga, our BodyBalance class centre on relaxation and de-stressing – perfect for an after-work or weekend session.


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How amazing to find such a wide range of classes in such beautiful facilities in a regional centre. The instructors at 360 Tamworth are top-notch too - welcoming and highly motivating. A big thank you from a loyal member who's rediscovered her mojo!