360 Aquatic Code

Please observe the following rules to help 360 Fitness Club provide a safe swimming environment for everybody:

  1. Observe and obey all signs and warnings at the pool as well as all lawful directives given by 360 Fitness Club staff.
  2. Always check the pool depth before entering the water. Enter the water in a safe manner and check for other swimmers before jumping in. You must avoid any other people already in the water.
  3. Always be respectful of other people and the nature of their particular pool activity.
  4. Never run on wet areas surrounding the pool. Always move around the pool in a safe manner.
  5. Always shower before entering the pool.
  6. Do not swim, bathe or undertake any other aquatic activity if you are impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  7. Always swim in water that is a safe depth for your ability. Take lessons from a qualified instructor to develop your swimming, first aid and resuscitation skills.
  8. Children under the age of 10 must be actively supervised by a responsible person over the age of 16 at all times.
  9. Parents and carers must communicate to establish responsibility for direct supervision of children at all times around water.
  10. Always swim with a friend and keep a look out for your mates. There are always staff members available to assist and to help you understand the 360 Aquatic Code.
This is a safe space, free from judgement, created for you to improve your health & wellbeing. We believe beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, ages & colours. Thank you for adding your special thread to the rich & diverse tapestry called 360 Fitness Club.